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Discover the full potential of digital transformation


Matteo Emmanuello


3 minute read

21 Oct 2021


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Digital transformation is omnipresent at the moment. But what does this transition mean for your business, what is just talk and what and with whom can actually be implemented?

30 percent is the current success rate for digital transformation projects. This shows that successful digital transformation is not easy. Even for tech-savvy companies or scaleups, this is often a challenge - within these industries, the success rate does not exceed 26 percent.

However, within more traditional industries such as automotive, pharma, infrastructure or oil and gas, the challenges are the highest: only 4-11% of projects succeed.

In the process, appropriate strategies are even often worked out - but then remain unresolved. The development of a strategy that is supported by the company is very important, but the implementation is also essential.

Who is the most suitable for implementation?

There are several options for implementation: Internal resources, freelancers or software development companies.

Hiring internal resources is often very time and cost intensive. Especially for projects that need to be implemented quickly or that only have a duration of 6-12 months, the flexibility that is needed for digitization projects is limited with internal resources. 

Freelancers are more flexible but often cannot handle projects on their own. In addition, freelancers carry certain risks - for example, it is often not agreed who has the rights of use of the work results.

However, there are many subtleties to consider when implementing a digitization project.

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