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What we do

WeProfit aims to connect companies from emerging economies with the potential of international markets. The core of this connection is our network of global experts working incentive based via the WeProfit platform to create business opportunities worldwide.


Where do we stand?

Platform Development

Pilot project: Consulting and procurement of IT outsourcing/nearshoring projects

Where are we headed?

Platform Launch in selected countries

Global Roll-Out



Redefining development cooperation means to seize the enormous potential of the hardworking and creative people from emerging economies making the benefits of globalization accessible to all. In doing so, we use the large group of committed people who act as sales channels in an incentive-based way via their personal networks. Together, we bring the newly-conceived development cooperation into the center of society and open up global opportunities for every individual. At the same time, this development cooperation will not be vulnerable to corruption and will only reach small and medium-sized enterprises. This middle class is the driving force in the modernization and democratization process of each country. The WeProfit virtual platform will thereby contribute to the development of a more efficient world economy and be part of the solutions of the main political conflicts of the 21st century. Thereby, WeProfit actually combats the causes of flight and enables migrants to use their knowledge and international experience to the benefit of all.

In short, with WeProfit we will all benefit from global markets.

About us

The Founder-Team of WeProfit

Arsen Abrahamyan


Arsen is responsible for technical solutions and IT. With his background as a physicist and years of programming experience in the high-tech field of the aerospace industry, as well as an independent web developer, he has the necessary experience and expertise.

+49 (0) 174 204 8888

Sahak Artazyan


Sahak is responsible for the strategic direction and financial decisions. After studying economics (M.Sc. international economics & public policy) at renowned German universities, Sahak was able to gain international project experience as a consultant for digital solutions in the financial services industry.

+49 (0) 179 666 7451

Matteo Emmanuello


Matteo is a law student and takes over operational management. His focus is on quality assurance and innovation. With his experience in law firms and in the banking sector, he has the necessary customer experience and process knowledge.

+49 (0) 173 9879657


WeProfit always accompanies the connection process individually and goal-oriented. Experience and user needs thus enable successful joint projects deliveries.


In the WeProfit process, there are three participants groups: the contractors, the connectors and the supplier. Contractors and connectors are involved completely free of charge. In addition to the free option, suppliers also have the option of using additional fee-based services.


  • Companies that want to use / expand international resources in their processes.
  • Advantages:
  • A qualitative and cost-efficient way to outsource corresponding business areas
  • Use of global resources
  • Access to a diverse and large pool of business partners


  • Companies or individuals that are well connected and act as a bridge between contractors and suppliers.
  • Advantages:
  • Commission
  • Contribution to a new development cooperation
  • Access to an extensive international network


  • Companies from emerging economies with an internationally competitive product/service
  • Advantages:
  • Customer acquisition in international markets
  • Professionalization through inclusion in global competition
  • Access to sales structures