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"Inhouse Tech Team or Development Company? Not a question of either or..."


Matteo Emmanuello


2 minute read

16 Nov 2021


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One question in particular arises: Can my company handle the project alone? Or do we need help from outside, a development partner?

Often, companies see this question as an either-or proposition. However, these approaches can also be brought together. Having IT and software competence in your own company is essential and not replaceable.

However, an in-house tech team can reach its limits with projects that arise at short notice, need to be developed quickly and have limited budgets. Hiring new staff in this context is often very difficult, the training and onboarding period is very long - and if the project only lasts 12 months, it may be that other resources are needed. 

In this case, it can be extremely helpful to have a fitting company as a development partner - for example for MVP development or the continuing development of an existing product - on board.

This partner, this partner, which can be a domestic developer company or a classic software outsourcing company, can work flexibly on the project and support the in-house tech team in a targeted manner.

Things such as communication, working methods and milestones must of course be clearly defined before the project begins. The WeProfit Project Scope Generator helps to clarify all necessary things in advance and to enable a best possible project kick-off.

In this context, WeProfit additionally offers the possibility to set up the project scope cleanly both as a tech affine person and as a person without deep tech knowledge. In either a very in-depth or a slightly shorter questionnaire, WeProfit collects all the information necessary for an efficient matching. 

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